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Great vocalist, part of Mills & Boon duo as well as a respected session singer that has recorded and appeared with a surprising number of big names. Harriet has a sound all of her own!!
To quote Helen, “I’m not old just have lots of experience. I love comedy & I have been incorporating it into my show. I work in clubs and holiday parks, I can cater for all venues and audiences”.
For those who know her… you know she’s a bit multi- talented Singer / Dancer / part of Sugarbabes tribute. She has recently put a Rihanna tribute show on the road, second to none!
Jacky has performed in countries including Cyprus, Greece, Majorca, Marbella, Abu Dabi, Carribbean and also on a variety of cruise liners, including Royal Caribbean, P & O and Ocean Village.
Superb young vocalist, Jade will not only get your party started she will keep it going right to the end, with her set ranging right across the board!! A must have for any party.
Great vocalist, Janet has the voice to fill any venue and keep any crowd dancing all night !! Her repertoire covers right across the board from the classics we all know and love, right to modern day.
Fantastic Female Vocalist who has really made a name for herself, with her great vocals and modern repertoire. Jaycee has a lively personality and can tailor her show to suit your needs.
Fire eating, wise cracking vocal entertainer from the West Country. Jenny will quite literally set your night ablaze!! Large social clubs and holiday parks are a must for this lively girl.
Great vocalist who is at home at any venue singing songs from old time classics up to modern day floor fillers. A young girl whose professional attitude belies her age, her act has something for all.
This talented vocalist is also a distinguished pianist, it soon becomes clear her show is a very special act. Her material is suitable for most choices, capable of entertaining at the highest level.
This award winning vocalist is a born entertainer who has amazed audiences across the country with her sweet yet powerful voice. Her repertoire crosses genres and has something to suit all tastes.
A top Midlands entertainer, Karen Kristian is a very experienced and accomplished female vocalist in all venue types who always goes that extra mile where only the best will suffice.
Don’t be fooled by this pint sized act, she will be re- booked as she leaves a crowd wanting more. She is based in the Midlands and can travel anywhere. Suitable for any venue or occasion.
Kate is an extremely versatile vocalist covering all venues from pubs and clubs to holiday parks. Her wide repertoire offers something for all. She is also part of the great duo Kani.
Kate is a very classy lady suitable for most venues, singing songs from the 60’s up to the modern day chart hits. She is a hit everywhere, due to her professionalism and sheer enjoyment of performing.
Outstanding award winning vocalist from Wales who has achieved overseas chart success as well as recording a successful album in Los Angeles. Kathryn will delight any audience with her classy voice.
Covering music from the 40’s to present day, Katrice endeavors to include a full mixture of music ensuring there is always something for everyone, having a personality “little short of breathtaking”.
Katy is a quality vocalist with a superb voice and magic personality. She is professional, reliable with a quality sound system. Katy does well everywhere, from the smallest to largest venues.
A classy vocalist from North Wales, Kaye’s superb vocal talents allow her to give feeling to her repertoire, which includes songs from West End Shows, Standards, Pop and Country/Western.
Great Wales based vocalist, Kaytanua has a voice to suit all ages, all venues with a style that covers everything from the well-loved classics to more up to date material. In short – sensational!!
With a beautiful voice and warm personality, Kelz has a range of songs suiting all age groups. She is also part of the duo Crush, and is very outgoing. Audiences warm to her immediately.
Top vocal attraction Kerry has a bubbly personality and a superb voice. She is popular with audiences of all age types. Kerry can adapt her performance to suit your individual needs.
Great young Welsh vocalist with a superb voice and entertaining personality. Totally professional and highly experienced, Kirsten has spent the last few years perfecting her show.
Great young vocalist. Kirsty is a versatile vocalist covering a wide variety of material. Kirsty is popular with audiences of all ages, and can tailor her show to suit all audiences and occasions.
A great young vocalist, she can tailor her show to suit your needs. Suitable for most venues across the board, singing songs up to modern day. She can get all audiences on their feet from the start.
Lauren has experience in singing at all types of venues, from pubs and clubs to corporate events. Her eclectic range of songs and singing style makes her a popular performer.
Actress, Radio Presenter & top vocal attraction. Lenny is a top quality female vocal with a superb voice and entertaining personality. Totally professional and highly experienced.
Wales' latest sensation as seen on The Voice. Liss is a fantastic Singer and Entertainer with endless Energy, Charisma and Talent. She can tailor her show to any audience or event.
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A great young vocalist, she can tailor her show to suit your needs. Suitable for most venues across the board, singing songs up to modern day. She can get all audiences on their feet from the start.
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