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Tributes 2/6 This section is mainly aimed at clients in our local geographical area, i.e., Wales, Midlands and the South West UK. Artistes are either booked directly, or through their respective management(s). Other enquiries for tours, cruises, seasons and overseas work will all be contracted again through respective management(s) where applicable. If you do not see the act you require, please Contact Us >
Like Cher is highly regarded and renowned in the entertainment business as being the absolute BEST Vocal and Visual Impersonator/Tribute. The only viable alternative to CHER herself!
If you are a Cher fan this is a show not to be missed. When Yvonne walks into your venue you will not 'Believe' she is a tribute as she looks nothing like Cher until she goes into the dressing room.
With diva vocals to match Christina’s range, Christina is fast becoming the UK’s top tribute to the Dirrty pop princess. A fast paced, high energy show, tightly choreographed moves with power vocals.
Dirrty is a fast paced choreographed theatrical show featuring professional dancers and many eye-catching costume changes!The stunning visual similarity to X-Tina turns heads wherever she goes.
The second most outrageous comedian in the world. He’s crude! He’s rude! He’s shocking! He’s hilarious! He’s Chubby Spencer.
Beth Mann’s tribute to ‘Liverpool’s Cinderella’ Cilla Black is second to none. The show features Cilla’s and other popular hits of the 60’s. Also available with a Liverpudlian theme throughout.
Jimmy Jemain is The official UK No.1 Cliff Richard Tribute and Europe’s most professional Tribute To Cliff. He is available with Hank and Bruce Soundalikes or with a full Shadows Tribute Band
Andy is a lifelong fan of David Bowie (seen him live 8 times) and has incorporated his experience within the tribute world to put together one of the most authentic David Bowie tributes in the UK.
Deano Martini also known as ‘the man with the hat and the voice’ is well known in the International entertainment profession. His Dean Martin tribute is superb.
Jacky Webbe first paid tribute to Diana Ross on "Stars in Their Eyes". Since then she has been travelling nationally and internationally paying tribute to the first lady of Motown.
We present Katie Marie as the youngest and prettiest Dolly Parton Tribute in the UK. Still only in her 20’s Katie has the vocal ability and natural looks and features of the real Dolly Parton.
Like Dolly maybe young but she has been performing on stage for over a decade. Her latest show is a perfected Dolly Parton Tribute Act which is an absolute pleasure for her to perform
Like Dusty is an amazing tribute to one of the greatest female soul singers to come out of the 60’s. The white lady of soul, Dusty Springfield. Vicki has performed in venues all over the country.
Maxine Mazumder was voted the UK’s Number 1 Tribute to Dusty Springfield by The National Tribute Awards and it’s easy to see why. Her attention to detail, her amazing mannerisms will astound you.
Like The Eagles are an experienced, authentic Eagles tribute band who perform the whole repertoire of Eagles tracks, from tasteful country rock – through to hard rocking numbers.
Ben has perfected a tribute to Ed Sheeran that we believe is the best in the UK. A young man with star quality is here to rock your party, Ben will make your event so special you will never forget it.
This tribute brings you an incredible live show that replicates Ed Sheeran's live performance.You will be feeling as exhilarated as you would feel after watching the real Ed Sheeran.
Definitely the best ELO tribute on the planet! The Explosive Light Orchestra reproduce the exciting works of ELO live, receiving accolades from the public and press alike.
He’s Still Standing! Joel will have you dancing, singing and foot tapping all night!Having been a fan from the early days when Elton made it in the States, Joel presents some of his greatest hits.
Widely regarded as one of the best Elton John tributes in the UK, this is Like Elton’s tribute to the music of Sir Elton John. He arrives complete with his trusty digital baby grand piano.
This tribute has performed his Elvis Tribute Show all over the UK and Europe. JC constantly performs his Elvis Tribute all over the world but nothing beats working in the UK.
One of the UK’s best known and respected Tribute Acts to Elvis Presley. Like Elvis could never be described as ‘bland’, he is certainly a very difficult guy to ignore, a very marketable figure.
Mark is undoubtedly one of the most sought after Elvis impersonators. He has delighted audiences performing his Elvis Tribute. Several songs and costume changes are packed into his shows.
A fast paced show set to glamorous costume changes, brilliant choreographed dance routines and superb performers.This is a show for everyone, not just Elvis fans!!!
Like Mac are a sensational tribute band based in South Wales. Featured hits are ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Rhiannon’, ‘Tusk’, ‘The Chain’, ‘Big Love’ plus many more….
Welcome to the home of the infamous Like Jersey Boys – The UK’s original, most reputable, ultimate tribute to musical Jersey Boys and legendary Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.
Like Valli Boys are a sensational vocal harmony group. West End regular and talented musician Ben Evans was Frankie Valli’s understudy in best-selling Broadway musical Jersey Boys for over four years.
The Other Guys’ are one of the International leading tributes to ‘Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons,’ Established in 2013 They bring the sounds and showmanship of one of the most prestigious bands.
The show with all that sweet soul music and magic continue to leave the audiences standing and dancing and chanting for more after each outstanding performance.
Like Freddie found his talent of portraying Freddie Mercury on the cabaret circuit. Since then he has already taken the heat off the UK’s most established and experienced Freddie tributes.
Jon Fisher has been entertaining for the last 20 years as himself and as Gary Barlow. Jon has a vast experience with audiences of all ages, He certainly knows how to engage with his audience.
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Daniel East performs all of Ed Sheeran’s biggest hits with uncanny accuracy. He creates his show live format playing the same guitar, and using his Boss Loop Pedal to layer his songs.
El Sheeran is Wales' only tribute to Ed Sheeran. Suitable for any venue, he Performs the greatest hits from both albums '+' and 'x'. You are guaranteed the full Ed Sheeran experience for your event.
Cher - Like Cher
Cher - Yvonne Haylen
Christina Aguilera - Christina
Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
Chubby Brown - Chubby Spencer
Cilla Black - Beth Mann
Cliff Richard - Jimmy Jemain
David Bowie - Like Starman
Dean Martin - Deano Martini
Diana Ross - Jacky Webbe
Dolly Parton - Katy Marie
Dolly Parton - Like Dolly
Dusty Springfield - Like Dusty
Dusty Springfield - Maxine
Eagles - Like The Eagles
Ed Sheeran - Ben Watts
Ed Sheeran - Dan East
Ed Sheeran - El Sheeran
Ed Sheeran - Red Sheeran
ELO - Explosive Light Orchestra
Elton John - Joel Coombes
Elton John - Like Elton
Elvis - JC Aron
Elvis - Like Elvis
Elvis - Mark Adey
Elvis - MT Knight
Fleetwood Mac - Like Mac
Four Seasons - Like Jersey Boys
Four Seasons - Like Valli Boys
Four Seasons - The Other Guys
Freddie Mercury - Like Freddie
Gary Barlow - Jon Fisher
Four Tops - American Four Tops
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