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Liza Starlight comes from Pontypridd, South Wales. She has been learning her craft for over 20 years on the local music scene and has performed with Peter Karrie, Owen Money and Chris Needs.
A modern female singer, with great stage presence and charming personality, she is sure to have your guests on the dancefloor and provide you with a fantastic night of entertainment.
Lucy Marie is a young, dynamic and versatile vocalist capable of entertaining audiences of all ages. She has a warm personality and a style that captures the audience's hearts.
Lynsey is available for all types of bookings in the UK including weddings, civil partnerships, corporate functions, club cabaret, pubs, holiday parks plus all parties, charity shows and special events.
Singing and performing is something Mandi has always loved to do. A very versatile performer, she performs solo and as part of Taylor Haynes duo. She also has a tribute show to Bonnie Tyler.
Great West Wales based vocalist, suitable for any occasion, with a beautiful voice and warm personality. Mary-Jayne has a range of songs aimed at suiting all age groups and occasions.
Great young vocalist from Wales who will suit everywhere from pubs to clubs singing songs across the board from classics to modern chart hits. She can get the audiences up and dancing from the start.
Michaela Dee is a great young vocalist with a stunning voice and talent. She is suitable for many venues and crowds and is a very professional girl who has good nights wherever she sings.
An excellent vocal entertainer as well as a highly experienced and versatile performer, Natalie is popular with audiences of all ages. She is soon to be featured in a new Soul production
Nia has a fantastic voice and is a sophisticated performer. Professional and talented and a great choice, she can perform for any Event, Function or Wedding. Nia is popular with all audiences.
Fantastic Female Vocalist who has really made a name for herself, with her great vocals and modern repertoire. Nikki has a lively personality and can tailor her show to suit your needs.
Solo vocalist from South Wales. 20 years of live performance experience. Content of show draws on 60 years of hits from all different genres that adapts to suit the type of audience that attends.
Superb vocalist now settled in Wales, suits all venues and holiday parks with a wide variety of songs from 70’s to present day. Rachel has a powerful voice and is re-booked wherever she performs.
Top Welsh vocal attraction, Raven, has a fantastic voice and is a sophisticated performer. She is professional and talented. She is a great choice and can be relied on to perform for any Event.
Rebecca is a sensational vocalist who has tasted chart success in Japan. She has a fantastic voice and is a sophisticated performer who also presents a sensational Celine Dion tribute.
A modern female singer, with great stage presence and charming personality, she is sure to have your guests on the dancefloor and provide you with a fantastic night of entertainment.
Rhysian is a fantastic Singer and Entertainer with endless Energy, Charisma and Talent. She can tailor her show to any audience or event and is sure to help make any occasion a great success.
Superb North Wales based vocalist who featured on our TV showcase Classy Acts. Roz also presents a superb Shirley Bassey tribute and is an asset to any venue.
Ruby Washington is arguably one of the finest female singers to come out of the U.K. She has performed in venues all over the world, effortlessly delivering an eclectic range of styles.
Great vocalist covering a variety of styles, an excellent vocal entertainer. Ruth is popular with audiences of all ages and can work from the smallest to the largest venue.
Award winning Welsh vocalist who appeared at The Royal Chelsea Hospital for The Chelsea Pensioners on St David’s Day. Samantha covers everything from the classics, opera right up to modern day.
This award winning vocalist is a born entertainer who has amazed audiences across the country with her sweet yet powerful voice. She also performs a brilliant Tina Turner tribute.
An excellent vocalist with great stage presence, Sharon will get any audience up and dancing. Performing songs from the 70’s to present day. She is also part of “House Double” duo with her husband.
Sensational Welsh vocalist who recently appeared on The Voice. A must for all venues, Holiday parks and corporate events. Shellie’s strong voice and great personality shine through in all her shows.
Sophie is a first class vocalist suitable for any occasion. Her wide repertoire of numbers will have something for all. She gives her all wherever she performs and always wows her audiences.
Stacey is a talented singer in her own right who is also part of “Kaned” band and Aksis & Roar duos, a must for all venues and occasions. She is a true professional and comfortable in all venues.
A modern female singer, with great stage presence and charming personality, she is sure to provide you with a fantastic night of entertainment. Stacey also has a Katy Perry tribute show.
Stephanie Kane is one of the talented Kane sisters, who perform together in a number of formats. With her beautiful vocals and wide ranging repertoire she has something for all venues and audiences.
Stephanie can get most audiences clapping along pretty quickly and that livewire spirit certainly makes listening and watching her fun. A fine vocalist and full-on performer.
The Stylish Lady with the Classy Voice. Extremely versatile vocalist with an extensive repertoire. Credits Cruise Ships, Cabaret, Military Bases (UK and Germany) Holiday Parks, Production Shows, Panto.
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Sensational Midlands based X Factor star, Treyc is an extremely talented Singer. She brings a young, fun, contemporary sound to classic hits from the past along with popular modern day tracks.
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